Heart-Centered Creator, A Brand Made with Loving Awareness

The Heart-Centered Creator brand by Jason Holland symbolize a cross-section between technology, higher consciousness, and heart-centered, loving awareness. 

Heart-Centered Creator By Jason Holland Creative Studio

Create and Live a Life You Love

The Heart-Centered Creator Philosophy

Creativity is the Force that Runs Through Everything—a Power Within Each of Us!

Creativity is about more than just art, design, or music. It's also about how each of us creatively problem solves the challenges in our lives. There are no mistakes, only lessons learned—opportunities to grow.

When you awaken to higher states of consciousness, you start to understand that we are all connected to the universal oneness of all things. You are a multi-dimensional being co-creating this reality.

And then, with heart-centered, loving awareness, go out and kick-ass! Be the change you want to see in the world, create a life you love, and live your best life. Be the multi-dimensional being your were truly born to be. You ARE a creator and it IS your birthright!


You are your own medicine, you create your reality, and you deserve to live a life you love. It is your birthright!


This is your invitation to ignite your inner creative fire on your path to Samadhi (the state of oneness of all things).


Your job is to create a life you love for yourself. My job is just to shine my light, to guide you, while you find your way.

Create and Live Your Best Life

Learn simple life hacks for letting go of the past, expand your creativity, and setting your intention to create and live a life you love with heart-centered, loving awareness.

Jason Holland, Heart-Centered Creator

Heart-Centered Creator by Jason Holland

Secrets Behind the Heart-Centered Creator Icon

The Heart-Centered Creator logo represents three key elements—heart, technology, and intention. The seven triangles around the heart-at-symbol are inspired by sacred geometry. Seven is known as the 'virgin' number because it cannot be divided or multiplied by any number in the 'decad' to make another number from 1-10. Therefore, it represents purity, intention, and destiny.


Symbolic of the heart chakra, it is our body's energetic center of loving awareness.

At Sign

The @ symbol represents modern technology as a tool for helping us to create our reality.

7 Triangles

The seven triangles symbolized our seven chakras or the seven energy centers of the human body.

Create and Live a Life You Love

Learn simple life hacks for letting go of the past, expand your creativity, and setting your intention to create and live a life you love with heart-centered, loving awareness.

Heart-Centered Creator by Jason Holland

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Create and Live a Life You Love

Heart-Centered Creator

Who is Jason Holland?

Sr. Freelance Web Designer, Artist, Blogger, and Certified Breathwork Instructor

Hi, I am Jason HollandI help conscious entrepreneurs and businesses empower themselves to thrive online, show up authentically, and live a life they love—all while selling their businesses with heart and soul.

I do this via a holistic, multi-dimensional approach incorporating breathwork energized meditation, creativity coaching, inspirational blogging, purpose-driven web design, and digital marketing.

My intention with this project is to shine my light and guide you while finding your way. Helping like-minded conscious creators—just like you—expand their creativity, awaken to higher states of consciousness, and realize their full potential with heart-centered, loving awareness.

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