Good Intentions Project Helps Kids in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Good Intentions Project is a non-profit organization that provides services and support for the children and the community in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Based out of Playa del Carmen, Jason Holland Creative Studio is firmly committed to supporting and giving back in our community. Jason Holland Creative Studio regularly donates a portion of all sales received through this website to support the efforts of Good Intentions Project.

Good Intentions Project
Good Intentions Project
Good Intentions Project
Good Intentions Project
Good Intentions Project, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Good Intentions Project

Good Intention Project Works with Affection for Our Community

Good Intentions Project believe that is crucial to demonstrate love and affection for the children they serve. They support children who are in low income families when:

• They may be out-of-school,

• they may live in a criminal environment,

• or, their family may be broke.

Good Intentions Projects helps them build useful, ethical lives that can be of great value to them, their families and to their community.

Good Intentions Project

How Financial Contributions Help Good Intentions Project


Good Intentions Project offers children and families the opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge, skills and values through art, music, tutoring and educational workshops.


They provide a nutritious breakfast and lunch while giving the children and their families the opportunity to develop healthy eating habits. Additionally, they teach Yoga to the children to promote exercise.


Good Intentions Project creates opportunities for the children and their families to celebrate affectionately with one another. They sponsor birthday parties, fiestas, and special holiday events.

Good Intentions Project

In-Kind Donations

Donations and contributions made help Good Intentions Project serve the children and families in Playa del Carmen. Many generous donors contribute useful items to the Good Intentions Project donation bank—such as school supplies, clothes, household articles and food items are distributed to low income people in the community.

• New or “gently used” clothes and toys,

• non-perishable and personal hygiene products,

• and, school supplies and teaching materials.

Good Intentions Project

Support Children and Families in Playa del Carmen

If you would like to help support children, families, and our community here in Playa del Carmen, please consider donating to the Good Intentions Project directly.