The KKIS Project Helps Kids in Mexico Stay in School

The KKIS Project provides financial assistance, community connections and educational opportunities to improve high school and university graduation rates, helping students in Mexico.

Based out of Playa del Carmen, Jason Holland Creative Studio is firmly committed to supporting and giving back in our community. Jason Holland Creative Studio regularly donates a portion of all sales received through this website to support the efforts of The KKIS Project.

The KKIS Project

The KKIS Project is working to improve public high school graduation rates in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

The KKIS Project provides scholarships for public high school and university students here in Playa del Carmen.

While 12 years of education in Mexico is compulsory, the average number of years of education is only 9.

Students who want to go on to high school need to pay for an entrance exam, school fees, transportation, and uniform costs.

It is not a perfect system in any country, but KKIS believes that all children should have access to all 12 years of education.

KKIS scholarships keep students in school – students who were at risk of not going to high school simply for economic reasons despite their excellent grades.

Programs accompanying the scholarship provide connections outside of the student's community – a window into another way of life.

The Kkis Project (Keep Kids In School)
The Kkis Project (Keep Kids In School)
The Kkis Project (Keep Kids In School)
The Kkis Project (Keep Kids In School)

The KKIS Project

How Financial Contributions Help The KKIS Project Keep Kids in School

Community Connections

KKIS Community connections play an important role in preparing students for real life and breaking the cycle of poverty. KKIS facilitates connections for all grade levels from primary through university.

English Conversation Club

KKIS volunteers work in a public high school with small groups of students who rarely interact with native English speakers. Their focus is on conversation, pronunciation and building confidence in speaking English.

School Supplies

A year’s worth of school supplies for one child costs on average, $500 MXN pesos or $20 USD. For many, this is a week’s worth of wages Like planting a seed, the message given to each student in Mexico receiving school supplies is “staying in school can make dreams come true."

The KKIS PRoject

High School and University Student Scholarships

KKIS provides scholarships to public high school and university. With the help of school administrators, we choose recipients based on previous grade point average and financial need.

Scholarships tangibly keep kids in school and ensure they graduate with a diploma, giving our students brighter futures.

The KKIS PRoject

Jason Holland Creative Studio Helped Rescue and Overhaul Crippled Website for Thriving Non-Profit, The KKIS Project

What started as a "Jason, help! Can you fix our broken website?", turned into a complete overhaul of The KKIS Project's non-profit website.  Rethinking the user experience and the site's brand strategy from the ground up, Jason Holland redesigned and rebuilt a modern and mobile-friendly, responsive WordPress website.  The new website focuses highly on conversion and call to action, driving traffic for the non-profit's fundraising efforts.  

Good Intentions Project

Help Students in Mexico, One Student at a Time

Help us help KKIS keep kids in school. Your donation here will directly support high school and university scholarships for students in here in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.