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Change IS Good for You!

When Idecided to move here Mexico, I forgot something: you get what you ask for. Change is good, but not always easy. These 8 tips can helped!...Continue Reading »
Change IS Good for You!

Change is good, but it isn’t always easy. When I signed up for this new adventure (to move from Playa del Carmen to Puerto Vallarta, Mexic), I forgot one very important thing: you get what you ask for.

Leaving Playa del Carmen and moving to Puerto Vallarta, I did so because I felt I was static, stale and in a rut. I had had a negative experience my first year in Playa that I had truly never gotten over.

I wanted to pull myself out of the mud, give myself a fresh start, go where no one knew me, and give myself a renewed opportunity.

Change. I wanted change.

Change IS Good for You!

A Change is Good, But No One Said it Was Easy

Change is good. But, with change comes growth, and neither are very easy. Change means new challenges, opportunities, and perspectives.

Puerto Vallarta, far more than Playa del Carmen, is a very sexually charged environment (speaking as a gay man).

It’s forcing me to reevaluate almost everything. How I market myself, my business, the breathwork. Am I too spiritual? Should I be more “sexy?” Can I do things better?

It’s a new way of seeing the same thing. A shift in perspective. At my core, I do not need to change a thing. At the soul level, I am perfect, just the way I am.

On the other hand, I spent a lot of time in the spiritual realm, the inner journey. You could say, maybe, I lost my balance. I got too spiritual.

To return to balance, it seems, is to find myself integrating a little more “back into the matrix.” And certainly, it wouldn’t hurt to get myself in shape, exercise, and “looking good.” If for no other reason, to do it for myself.

There is certainly a lot of motivation in Puerto Vallarta (i.e. eye candy in this town)!

Change IS Good for You!

Change IS Good for You, 8 Tips to Adapt

But what living in Playa del Carmen (and Mexico, for that matter), for the last 4 year is this:

  1. Take a breath.
  2. Be patient (poco a poco).
  3. Change is the constant.
  4. Be gentle on yourself (self-love)
  5. Don’t give up (you’ve got this).
  6. I’m worth it. You’re worth it.
  7. Live life. Enjoy it. Whatever that means for you. Love. Play. Find your happiness.
  8. And if you don’t find it today, that’s okay, tomorrow is a new day!

Change is Good, Especially When You Have Help!

Feeling stuck? Need a little help making a big change in your life? Breathwork can help with you that! Using the power of your breath you can move to a more calm state mind, body and soul to adapt more easily to change.

I invite you to join us each Sunday, live on YouTube for a guided, breathwork meditation. Subscribe on YouTube to get notified when I go live (Sundays at 9AM CST [UTC-6]).


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Jason Samadhi

Jason Samadhi

Hi, I'm Jason Samadhi. The founder of Samadhi Breath, and Samadhi Tribe, and Heart-Centered Creator—I am a certified SOMA Breath® breathwork instructor, designer, artist, mindful expat living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I believe you are your own medicine and you create your reality. So, create a life you love!


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