Ankh, The Breath Of Life, A Breathwork Crown Chakra Meditation

In this guided, breathwork crown chakra meditation, we will begin with the most spiritual of all the seven chakras, the crown. Our bridge to universal oneness, the crown chakra, is our connection to the single point of creation. It is from this first breath that will guide us into an endless field of infinite possibilities.

The Ancient Symbol of Ankh: The Breath of Life

The Ankh is one of the most recognizable symbols from ancient Egypt, known as “the key of life,” the “cross of life,” or “breath of life.” The Egyptians believed that one’s earthly journey was only part of eternal life. The Ankh symbolizes both mortal existence and the afterlife.

The origin of the ankh is unknown. A theory suggests the ankh’s origin stemming from a fertility symbol, is in keeping with its meaning throughout ancient Egyptian history and beyond to the present day. The ankh has always been associated with life, the promise of eternal life, the sun, fertility, and light.

Ankh, The Breath Of Life, A Breathwork Crown Chakra Meditation

The Crown Chakra: Our Bridge to the Cosmos

The crown chakra, or sahasrāra chakra in Sanskrit, is known as “the bridge to the cosmos.” It is the most spiritual in nature of all seven chakras. Located above the head’s crown, it acts as the individual’s center of spirit, enlightenment, wisdom, and connection to universal consciousness.

The crown chakra is symbolized by the color violet. It represents bliss, spirituality, knowingness, wisdom, inspiration, charisma, awareness, higher-self, meditation, self-sacrifice, and vision.

The crown chakra plays a vital role in empowering us to be our best. It symbolizes our connection to something greater than ourselves—to live a life with purpose and a broader perspective.

Aligning your crown chakra reminds us of our relationship to all things—unified consciousness. Encouraging us to live our best life, creating our reality from loving awareness.

Ankh, The Breath Of Life, A Breathwork Crown Chakra Meditation

Breathwork Crown Chakra Meditation: The Breath of Life

Each of us is a projection of the universe and the evolving consciousness of planet Earth. We are the holders of the knowledge and receivers for the planet.

But, the only way to remember who we are is to forget everything we’ve been taught. We must return to the void of nothing, the darkness. The single point of creation, the first dimension.

The reality of the first dimension exists without time or space. In the first dimension, all is one. And when we return to this point of origin, before the first thought, we must feel. Feel nothing.

From the feeling of nothingness, the unity of source, we take our first breath. We begin the creation of a new reality with the first breath of life and then a thought. A single idea, the awareness of the existence of the self—”I Am.”

And from this first breath, we begin to create from the single thought in a new dimension of duality, moving into time and space.

The belief in the self. The first creation of thought, from the first breath of life. A believe that all, and anything, is possible in a limitless field of infinite possibilities.

Ankh, The Breath Of Life, A Breathwork Crown Chakra Meditation

Breathwork Crown Chakra Meditation Technique

  1. Begin by making yourself comfortable, whether sitting or laying down, in a place where you will not be disturbed for approximately 20 minutes.
  2. When you’re comfortable, close your eyes. Begin taking slow deep breaths in through your nose, exhaling out your mouth.
    1. We were never taught how to breathe correctly. It is common for us to breathe shallow breaths through our mouths. Mouth breathing is useful when we’re exercising or when we are talking.
    2. When we breathe through our nostrils, the rate of airflow is slower into the lungs. This gives the oxygen more time to absorb into the bloodstream.
    3. Breathing through your nostrils filters, cleanses, and conditions the air as you breathe deeply into your lungs.
    4. Nitric oxide is produced by your sinuses and aids in relaxing the alveoli pathways, allowing for an excellent transfer of oxygen to the blood.
  3. In this breathwork meditation, breath slowly in through your nose, counting to four, silently in your mind. Exhale your mouth, counting to eight, silently in your mind.
    1. As you breathe, take a full belly breath:
      1. thirty percent into your belly,
      2. sixty percent into your chest,
      3. and ten percent into your shoulders.
    2. This is called a yogi breath.
  4. Continue breathing rhythmically in your nose, out your mouth, without pauses for about two minutes:
    1. Take a full breath in your nose, fully into your belly, chest, and shoulders.
    2. Inhale slowly in of your nose for four seconds.
    3. Then, exhale slowly out of your mouth for eight seconds.
    4. Continue breathing in rhythm for about two minutes.
    5. After two minutes, returning to a regular breathing pattern, breathing slowly in and out of your nose.
  5. Finally, go into your meditation for approximately ten minutes. During this meditation, focus on the color violet, the symbol of the ankh, repeat in your mind the mantra “So” on the inhale, “Hum” on the exhale. “So Hum” (or, “I Am”).

Breathwork Meditation Practice and Repetition

This breathwork crown chakra meditation intends to leverage the knowledge of the Ankh symbol, “The Breath of Life,” to return to the void of nothingness in the single point of origin.

Focusing your unique energetic vibration on your crown chakra, you’ll connect to the oneness of universal consciousness.

And with this first breath, we begin our journey through this breathwork meditation series. From the single point of source energy and the first breath of life, we create the first thought: self-awareness.

From this first guiding thought, we will continue our journey down the chakras, learning about ancient symbols of wisdom and the simple belief that anything is possible in a limitless field of infinite possibilities.

Over the next seven days, return to this meditation. Repeat this meditation daily to purify and activate your crown chakra. You’re invited to journal your experience. Write down any relevant thoughts or sensations that come up from this experience.

When you’re finished writing, put it away. At the end of this experience, you’ll review all of your writing. It is possible that during this experience, subconscious patterns may emerge over the duration of the experience.

In the next breathwork meditation, we’ll focus on the third eye chakra and the cross, an ancient symbol that has evolved from its original meaning. Stay tuned!

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