Breathwork Online Class

A Breathwork Online Class with Jason Holland uses ancient breathing techniques and modern science to increase your energy, health, and well-being in minutes. You are your own medicine! Join Sundays at 12 PM EST (UTC-5) for a deep healing journey using the power of your breath. 

Certified Soma Breath Instructor

Certified SOMA Breath Instructor

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Breathwork Online Class

Who Can Benefit from a Breathwork Online Class?

A breathwork online class with Jason Holland are for everyone! If you have a specific goal that you are trying to achieve like reducing stress, increasing energy, or better focus, a breathwork online class can help.

Breathwork Healing Can Provide Radical Healing Transformation in the Following Areas

You are your own medicine! A breathwork online class with Jason Holland uses the power of your breath for healing and transformation. There is a direct connection between the breath and your psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Breathing Problems Such as Asthma

Sleep Disorder Such as Sleep Apnea

Anxiety, Stress or Depression

Grief, Anger, or Resentment

Loss of Direction, Purpose or Intention

Inspiration, Motivation or Creativity

Or, You Simply Want to Experience Your Inner Bliss!

Breathwork Online Class

Health Benefits of a Breathwork Online Class

A breathwork online class uses the power of your breath for healing and transformation. During breathwork, you'll use pranayama rhythmic breathing and kumbhaka breath retentions to increase your energy and help you focus on the good feelings necessary to manifest your intention positively. 

Personal Breathwork Healing Session

Increase Energy, Health, and Well-Being in Minutes

Pranayama rhythmic breathing and kumbhaka breath retentions awaken dormant parts of the brain. As well, deep breathing calms your nervous system, increases cognitive function, and raising your energetic vibration.

Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT): A Medically Approved Therapy with Instantaneous Health Benefits

The latest research shows that intermittent hypoxic training during breathwork, where you create brief periods of low oxygen levels, produces almost instantaneous results. You are stimulating stem cells, triggering them to move around the body to places where they can heal and regenerate healthy cells in your body.

Create Heart-Mind Coherence

Slowing down your breath and focusing on a consistent rhythmic breathing, you create more coherence between your heart and mind. By creating heart-mind coherence, you can feel more confident, focused, positive, and motivated.

Supercharge Your Creative Life-Force Energy

Rooted in your sacral chakra, your creative life force energy is the physiological source of your creative power. Through consistent breathwork practice, when you connect this energy to your heart center, you can supercharge your creative energy.

Breathwork Online Class
Breathwork Online Class
Breathwork Online Class
Breathwork Online Class


Preparing for Your Breathwork Online Class

Jason Holland is a certified "SOMA Breath" instructor. Watch this video to learn basic breathing techniques and science behind "SOMA" breathwork.

Testimonials, Thank you!

What Do Others Have to Say About Working with Jason Holland?

 What a great session again today! I recommend this to anyone as Jason is a wonderful guide for this Breathwork. The Chakra series is incredible.

I left the last session tranquil and at ease, with a feeling of health and vitality through out the rest of my day.  I look forward to some one-on-one work with Jason to fit my specific goals.

What is Spanish word for Incredible? 

John, Calgary, Canada


Calgary, Canada

My experience with Jason was incredible. I was able to reach a great meditation and energetic development in my whole body.

I was able to connect my mind with my body energy by merging them and feeling a great sensation throughout my body.

Breathwork Online Class


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

 I had experienced happy emotions for about two weeks. It felt weird almost as if they didn’t belong to me. There wasn’t anything happening in my life that would stir up such feelings of hope and joy. 

Jason’s calm and encouraging demeanor made this newbie to breathwork a welcoming and enjoyable life-changing event. 

Darrin, New York, Usa


New York, United States

 I did a breathwork session with Jason this morning. The whole experience felt very relaxed and powerful at the same time. I guess it’s because I connected with my deeper self.

The thoughts that come to my mind during breathwork come from a place of love within me rather than fear based from the outside world (the monkey mind). 

Alix, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Hi, I am Jason Holland. I help conscious creators—just like you—expand their creativity to realize their full potential and show up authentically to create and live a life you love. I do this by facilitating breathwork, creativity coaching, purpose-driven web design, and holistic digital marketing strategy and consulting.

Jason Holland, Heart-Centered Creator

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Preparing for a Breathwork Online Class

Jason Holland is a certified "SOMA Breath" instructor. Watch this video to learn the basic breathing techniques and the science behind "SOMA" breathwork.



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