Heart-Centered Conscious Creator Courses

Heart-centered courses for conscious creators to help you create and live a life you love, show up authentically and thrive online selling your business with heart and soul.

Samadhi Breath, 7 Chakra Activation Breathwork Online Course

7 Chakra Activation, Breathwork Awakening

In this 7 chakra activation, breathwork awakening online course, use the power of your breath to awaken your full potential.

21-Day Meditation Course For Creativity

21-Day Meditation for Creativity Course

Guided meditation for creativity and focus course to help you awaken higher states to consciousness and live your best life.

Heart-Centered, Creative Inspiration Blog, Ignite Your Inner Creative Fire

Ignite Your Inner Creative Fire (Mini Course)

Learn simple life hacks for igniting your inner creative fire to live your best life through ancient healing techniques.