July 2016 will mark the one year anniversary of my move to Palm Springs, California from San Diego. Ironically, it will also be the month I turn 40 years old.  The last 11 months have been a truly intriguing adventure, full of challenges, surprises and many positive new experiences.  These are five of the first spiritual lessons I learned while living in Palm Springs, California.

Candidly speaking, I had arrived in Palm Springs for a fresh start, a reboot if you will. Through meditation, the awakening on my own path to spiritual enlightenment, I’m learning to let go.

Letting go of old, long-held, beliefs that no longer serve me, child-like thinking, and a way of behaving that has hurt not only myself, but those around me. While I’ve done a lot of growing up this year, I still feel I have a long way to go and know for sure I truly am a work-in-progress.

Adjusting to life in Palm Springs has taken some adjusting. Living in the desert has required some truly creative “out-of-the-box” thinking. Below are 5 life lessons I’ve learned this year from my experience and I’m still learning them.

Spiritual Lesson #1: May the Bridges You Burn, Light Your Way

On my journey this last year, I’ve probably burned more bridges than I care to remember. Though, to my credit, I’ve always said, “may the bridges I burn, light my way.” This year, if there is one thing I’ve learned though, the universe will show you challenges, obstacle, and point out areas where I’ve had negativity and resistance to show me that “hey, that might be the wrong direction, silly.” Fortunately, it seems the opposite is true.

Spiritual Lesson #2: Nurture and Embrace All that Brings You Joy

Anything that feels good, feels right, and brings joy IS the right path, the right direction. So maybe, just maybe, that means sometimes you just have to let go of the people around you who no longer serve your own best interests. That may sound selfish, but I truly do believe the act of self-care, self-love, is in fact the right path.  After all, the only one who will take care of me is me. No one is going to rescue me. Hard truth, but a tough lesson I’m still learning today.

Spiritual Lesson #3: Everyday, Every Moment, Truly IS a Fresh Start

If you’ve known me for any length of time, then you know I’ve flip/flopped, changed, and refreshed my brand and my business. Trying to figure it out has been no easy process, especially in an economy (unlike others in California) that quite simply just aren’t focused on tech.  What I’ve learned though, is that that change, is okay. I believe that as long as you are focusing your intention and your energy on a positive step in the right direction, each day is a fresh start and it IS okay to change your mind. If you follow your intuition, your gut instinct, and stick with your gift, your passions and the things and people that bring you joy, abundance WILL bring the meaningful and lasting success you deserve.

Spiritual Lesson #4: Sometimes Hard Work is the Best Medicine

The last year has quite possibly been the most financially challenging year I’ve faced in decades. Learning to priorities during “crisis mode” can be one of the most discouraging experiences I’ve faced. Literally to the point where I’ve felt like completely giving up – on myself, life, and everything good around me. I share that not fishing for sympathy but to point a small fact I realized the other day, and it’s this:

When you’re focused on your talent, your gift, anything that brings you joy and you’re striving for abundance and success two things matter the most: NEVER GIVE UP and NOTHING CAME WITHOUT HARD WORK!!! Honestly, there really is joy and fulfillment that comes from a sense of accomplishment, hard work, and a job well done.

Spiritual Lesson #5: It’s All About Love and Gratitude

This one might sound trite, trivial, and cliche, but I believe it to be entirely true (and easy to forget). Find gratitude in anything around you that brings you joy and puts a smile on your face. I guarantee, when you have thoughts in your head and space in your heart for gratitude there really isn’t much room for negativity. This is so easy to forget, believe me I forgot this last week.

When you get down, times are hard, and you feel like giving up, I challenge you (and myself) to just think of something you are grateful for, then in your mind thank them. For me, it’s my dog, Mila, my family, and sometimes it’s just the gratitude of waking up and starting a new day. Life isn’t easy, never was, but being grateful never cost a thing. And frankly, we all need more joy, gratitude, thankfulness, and happiness in our lives. It’s all about love, including yourself, so just be grateful you’re alive.

Creativity in the Desert, 5 Spiritual Lessons Learned While Living in Palm Springs, CA

Spiritual Lesson #6: Creativity in the Desert Means Staying on Your Joy Frequency, Even at 105 Degrees

My first year in Palm Springs has been challenging. I’m not the easiest person to deal with sometimes, especially when I get down. The vibe I put off sometimes is no fun to be around, and I get it. But I’m human, we all are. Sometimes, when times get tough we burn bridges. But maybe, just maybe, that’s the universe telling us we are looking the wrong direction.

So instead, turn around, look the other way – embrace those people and the things in life that bring us joy. Everyday is a fresh start and we have the freewill to change our mind at any given moment – and it’s totally okay!  If all you can do is focus on hard work to achieve the simple gratification of accomplishment, that’s okay too. But just remember, everyday there is always someone or something you can be thankful for. So thank them, send them love and light, and remember it really is all about love and gratitude.

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