Heart-Centered Creative Process

Are You Ready to Share Your Joy, But Overwhelmed by the Creative Process and Technology?

On your path of enlightenment, have you come to space where you realize you have your own unique story? An idea? A joy you’re longing to share with the world?

When you’re in your flow and the spark of creativity strikes, it may be time for you to self-actualize this dream you’ve been holding on to (or putting off).  

But, maybe, what’s holding you back is a fear surrounding the daunting tasks of the creative process and overcoming the challenges of technology?

Heart-Centered Creative Process

It’s Time to Bring Your Joy to Others—Walking Step-by-Step Through the Creative Process

As someone on my spiritual journey, I, too, desire to speak my authentic truth and share my joy with the world. Through my spiritual awakening, I have come to the conscious awareness my purpose is to educate and inspire others from my creativity within.

The best way to share my gift is to support others through the creative process of finding their authentic voice, creating a beautiful brand experience, building a solid online presence, and connecting with their target audience.

Take the time to guide yourself through the creative process with focus and clarity. Gather the technology(s) you need in advance so that when you’re ready, you can focus on what you love, giving voice to your authentic self, and accelerating the joy of bringing your idea to life.

Strategize, design, and develop your idea thoroughly, so then you can create a beautiful and engaging brand experience and building a solid online presence.

Create a plan for a solid launch intended to strategically introduce your brand, increase traffic, grow your list, and generate revenue while establishing lasting relationships with your target audience.

A 6-Step, Heart-Centered Path To The Web Design Creative Process

Step #1: Find Your Authentic Voice

The creative process begins by actively asking yourself the hard questions—understanding your specific goals, needs, and desires. Hone in your unique gift and authentic voice. What is the joy you want to share with the world? Get clear on your story, goals, and ideas.

Create a strategy for your brand, identify your target audience; it will help you develop the mood, tone, and tenor of your brand. Then, thoroughly review and analyze your products or services, goals, audience, competitors, and industry.

Finally, when all that is complete, then you can begin the technical setup of your online presence (website, mailing list, and social media accounts).

Step #2: Build a Solid Online Presence

Once you’ve developed a strategy for your brand, the next step by creating wireframes (ideally in a staged environment), working on the prototype of your website. In the beginning, be gentle with yourself as you start learning the basics of the content management system, like WordPress.

Step #3: Create a Beautiful Brand Experience

Taking the information from step one, begin the creative process of designing your visual identity system. The overall look and feel of your website is your first impression to potential customers. The details matter!

By focusing on content creation during the inventive step, you’ll reduce the common bottleneck of creating it later. This will ensure your project flows consistently through the process.

Step #4: Content Creation

When most of the content creation is complete, and you’ve approved the look and feel of your new visual identity and website’s user interface, you’ll begin integrating the design into the working prototype on the staging site.

Step #5: Quality Assurance Testing

Quality assurance testing ensures it’s secure, performance-optimized, responsive (or mobile-friendly). You’ve fixed any significant bugs and organized your page’s search engine optimization.  

At this stage, you should have the confidence and skills you need to maintain your website content confidently.

Step #6: Connect with Your Target Audience

Once you’ve built your site, entered your content, and tested everything to ensure it looks and functions as expected, it’s time to launch your site and share your joy with the world!

Relationship building doesn’t happen over night. Make sure to do the due diligence to build lasting relationships with your target audience. Then you can more efficiently build your email list, increasing traffic, and ultimately generate revenue—thriving online.

Heart-Centered Creative Process

NOW is the Time to Share Your Joy with the World!

From taking your idea through strategy to development, the entire creative process with a solid launch strategy focused on building know, like, and trust with your target audience will take your visitors from leads to customers.

Where effort goes, energy flows. The biggest challenge to moving through fear is just getting started—taking that first step. But, you’ve got this. Take a deep breath. Set your intention. And, clear your mind. It’s time to roll up your sleeves to create and live the life you love.

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Credits: Character illustrations by Christopher Suico.
Art and Creative Direction by Jason Holland.

Jason Holland
Jason Holland

Hi, I am Jason Holland. I help conscious creators—just like you—expand their creativity to realize their full potential and show up authentically to create and live a life you love. I do this by facilitating breathwork, creativity coaching, purpose-driven web design, and holistic digital marketing strategy and consulting.

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