The Heart-Centered Creator Library

From artwork to recommended wellness books, the Heart-Centered Creator Library is full of resources to inspire your creativity help you live your best life.
Courageous Creativity, A Definition for Creative Living (Illustration by Jorm S, Adobe Stock)

Recommended Wellness Books

Here is a list of wellness-related books that you can find on my bookshelf at home. If you have any questions, recommendations, or want to discuss any that you’ve already read, I’d be happy to hear from you.
Art by Jason Holland, Heart-Centered Creator

Original Artwork by Jason Holland

Described as “Modern Art with a Prehistoric Twist,” Jason Holland’s artwork is inspired by pre-Columbian and prehistoric artwork, Native American art, Egyptian art, Polynesian art, as well as influences of Caribbean, Cuban and African flavor. Canvas prints and other merchandise of Jason’s artwork are available for sale on Society6.
Chitzen Itza, Digital Art by Jason Holland, Heart-Centered Creator

Digital Artwork by Jason Holland

During this seven chakra activation, breathwork online course, use the power of your breath to awaken your full potential and live a life you love.

3 Sacred Secrets Behind the Heart-Centered Creator

Purpose-Driven Web Design & Marketing

Purpose-driven web design, conscious brand strategy, and holistic digital marketing to help you thrive online generating income, show up authentically, and create a life you love.
Art by Jason Holland, Heart-Centered Creator

Wordpress Web Design Tools of the Trade

These are Jason Holland’s trusted, pro web design tools of the trade that power the Heart-Centered Creator website.