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Heart-Centered Marketing Strategy

Go Beyond Simply Selling

Heart-centered marketing strategy goes beyond simply selling products or services by focusing on connection with your customers on an emotional level, building deeper relationships, and creating an authentic sense of community.

Meaningful Relationships

Authentic Community

Increased Awareness

Strategies for Deeper Emotional Connections

There are many different ways to implement a heart-centered marketing strategy, here are a few:


Effectively connect with customers emotionally, building relationships through emotional relatability and relatability in products or services.

Emotional appeal

Connect with customers on an emotional level, motivating them to take action and tap into their emotions.

Authentic Community

Create an authentic brand community by hosting events, offering discounts, and fostering a forum for customer interaction.

Genuine Connections

Genuine marketing emphasizes being yourself and not trying to be someone else.

Customer Focused

Put the customer’s needs first, always thinking about how you can add value to their lives.

Creative Ingenuity

Animated, creative marketing involves thinking outside the box and innovative ways to connect.

Heart-Centered Marketing Strategy

Put Your Website to Work for Your Business

I help heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners like you nail the website that will clarify your message, generate more clients and amplify your profits. During our session we can focus on:


Me answering your specific questions. Anything is fair game, including your website, your content, digital marketing, SEO, anything.


Going through your current website together, while I suggest actionable changes you can make to see an immediate difference.


Brainstorming anything related to your website, your online marketing strategy, or your overall online sales funnel.

What are Clients Saying?

What does the tribe have to say? Don't take my word for it, read my client's heart-centered testimonials:

I couldn’t be happier with the work Jason has done on the conversion of my website from Divi to Breakdance.

Jason added some great value with his web expertise and design skills.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Jason at all and hope to work again with him in the future.

CEO/Training Director, TTS Training Services LLD, United Kingdom

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for Jason’s work! His work is professional and it’s reflected in the quality of the product he creates. And, his turn around time is fast! The new website has helped me grow my business and create deeper connections with my customers. I can’t recommend his work enough! Thank you!

Respira tu amor

Jason is an incredibly rare combination of talents — an artist, designer, developer, digital marketer, and more — all in one. Plus, he’s an absolute joy to work with! I’m so happy Jason was recommended to us. Jason has added immense value to our organization over the years. He takes a holistic view of every project, where it fits in with your company’s goals, and how your audience will experience it.

SharpSpring (Constant Contact)

Got Questions?

Interested in working with me? Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you in your decision making process.

Heart-Centered Marketing Strategy by Jason Samadhi

A Little About Me

With over 26 years of experience, as a Holistic Creative Direction Innovator and Digital Marketing Strategist, I blend creativity, leadership, and holistic awareness into every project client.

  • Originating in web design, I've created digital experiences for major brands like Constant Contact, Apple & Microsoft.
  • As a Creative Director & Sr. Web Designer, my role entails visionary leadership, ensuring impactful campaigns that resonate with audiences.
  • Embracing authenticity and creating safe spaces, I foster positive growth and meaningful outcomes, embodying a heart-centered approach to catalyze change.
Jason Samadhi, Heart-Centered Creator
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Jason Samadhi, Heart-Centered Creator

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