5 Easy Ways To Share Your Joy With Others On Social Media

In this post, I want to share with you five simple tips to share your joy with others when engaging on social media, staying dialed into your’ joy frequency,’ while sharing from a state of loving awareness.

First, I want to share a phrase I learned a few years ago that I always strive to live my life by. That phrase is “joy frequency.” I believe that when we are on our “joy frequency” (we’re feeling those “good vibes,” we can positively change the world with grace and ease).

“Joy frequency” is a phrase that I learn from my friend, first spiritual teacher, and success coach, Mark Hollenstein. Mark describes it like this: You know, when you are driving down a bumpy road, and one of your favorite songs comes on the radio, but because of the road, you have to hold on to the dial to stay tuned in to the station? Holding that dial is like staying tuned into your “joy frequency.”

5 Easy Ways To Share Your Joy With Others On Social Media

If you want to understand the universe, Tesla famously said think of everything as energy, vibration, and frequency. Across cultures, many of the wisdom traditions describe “joy frequency” as getting in your “flow” state.

When we’re feeling stress, our life tells us we are out of our flow, we are on the wrong frequency. By dialing back into our “joy frequency,” we can begin to bring loving awareness to any situation, helping to lift the energetic vibration of others.

Many teachers have mused about the healing properties of music, for example. Of course, they are aware of this because the quality of enjoying music exists as a first-hand experience. But, regardless of any healing properties, listening to music is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to tune back into your joy.

5 Easy Ways To Share Your Joy With Others On Social Media

When sharing your joy with others on social media, it’s essential to remember why doing so matters. Social media, while great when used positively, is saturated with a lot of noise and negativity. Spend 5 minutes on any platform – Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, for instance – and you discover it’s pretty easy you’ll find yourself off your “joy frequency.”

As a conscious entrepreneur, if you’re anything like me, you likely have a desire to make a positive and lasting impact on the world. So when you are on your “joy frequency” and strategically leverage social media to get people to your online presence, it’s important to remember to:

• clear away the noise and negativity while,
• share things that bring you joy and happiness,
• and showing up authentically with loving awareness.

By sharing your joy with others while in your flow state, you’re helping to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness, and you can develop and enhance lasting and genuine engagement online.

5 Easy Ways To Share Your Joy With Others On Social Media

Five easy way you can share your joy frequency with others on social media:

1) Like It, Love It, or Leave It

Before you click or tap that next Like or Heart button, pause and ask yourself a simple question? Does your action positively reflect your views and beliefs? Does taking action keep you moving forward and staying dialed into your joy frequency? Then decide, like it, love it, or leave it. If the answer is ‘no,’ or a negative response, leave it. No response is better than a negative response.

2) To Retweet or Not to Retweet?

Retweeting, especially without adding your quote or comment first, seems like an effortless act. But, like #1, before you tap the retweet button next time, pause for a moment and ask yourself: does this action positively reflect your positive views and beliefs.

Remember, as Gandhi said, if you want to change the world, be the change you wish to see in the world.

3) Sharing is Caring

There is a phrase in marketing about “know, like, and trust.” If you want to add to the conversation positively, choose to share sources you know, sources you like, and sources you trust (especially trust). Stick to the facts and engage only in the conversations you positively care to share.

4) Post-It With Intention

If you’re posting something for the first time, pause before you post. Ask yourself what your intention is before you post. Remember everything you post on social media reflects directly back on you. Does your post positively reflect you, your values, and your beliefs? If not, maybe you might want to reconsider posting it at all.

5) Keep the Conversation Going

Social media is all about the conversation. It’s a dialogue, not a monologue. It’s all about engagement and building meaningful relationships. Perhaps the people you’re engaging you’ll never meet person, but remember, there are human beings on the other side of the screen (just like you!) They have feelings and hurt, just the same as you.

5 Easy Ways To Share Your Joy With Others On Social Media

Remember, when sharing on social media, be mindful to stay in your joy frequency, sharing from a state of loving awareness. Pause, take a breath, and ask yourself if you’re sharing adds value and meaning to the conversation and positively reflects you, your values, and your beliefs.

You never know; something as small as a positive like, tweet, share, or post can positively impact someone else’s life. And if your action brings them joy and they share that joy with their circle of influence, imagine the positivity you just spread to the people of people you’ve never even met.

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