I’d like to ask you a question. Have you been on your spiritual path for awhile and feel like you fell off the wagon? 

The last couple of years have been intense for all of us and with everything going on, it feels sometimes a little stressful and anxious, and maybe you feel like you kind of fell off your path.

Maybe you’ve been on the spiritual path for a while and you can just kind of let your meditation slide, or you just feel like you need a reboot, you know, just something to kind of ground you and get back on track.

I’d like to invite you to join me for a 28-Day Virtual Spiritual Retreat to reboot your daily meditation practice and use the power of your breath for healing and transformation.

28-Day Virtual Spiritual Retreat, Guided Meditation for Creativity

28-Day, Virtual Spiritual Retreat, Phase 1: 21-Day Meditation for Creativity

During this retreat you’ll have 21 days to reset your daily meditation practice. It takes 21 days to reboot a habit.

You will go day by day through the seven chakras. The seven chakras are the seven energy healing centers of your body. Each meditation each week is designed to go one by one, up through each of the seven chakras. 

Each day we’ll build on the last you’ll learn about how each chakra relates to various organs in the body, as well as different applications in your life.

28-Day Virtual Spiritual Retreat, Chakra Activation Breathwork Healing Journey

28-Day, Virtual Spiritual Retreat, Phase 2: 7 Chakra Activation, Breathwork Healing Journey

In the fourth week of this virtual retreat, you’re going to use the power of your breath to supercharge and basically really dive deeper.

Do you remember that scene in the Disney movie, Luca, when they’re going to go down the hill on their homemade Vespa and Luca is like, no, no, I’m scared. I’m scared and scared. And Alberto says, Luca, That fear in your brain, ‘silencio Bruno.’ Breathwork is like Silencio Bruno. It’s getting to override that monkey mind.

That trigger, that fear, anxiety that we tell ourselves in our head. So with the breathwork, we’re going to dive deeper. You’ll learn about the science and physiology of breathwork and literally how the power of your breath can transform healing. When we do rhythmic breathing and deep, deep breathing and breath retentions, you literally trigger healing in the body.

You trigger healing chemicals in the brain such as serotonin melatonin and move from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system. As well, you create coherence in the heart and the mind. And when you do that and you keep doing that on a daily basis and you dive deeper and dive deeper, you will experience healing, physical, emotional, or spiritual.

28-Day Virtual Spiritual Retreat

What you can expect during this 28-Day, Chakra Healing, Virtual Spiritual Retreat

Something will move. Something will shift. Something will transform. There’s no guarantees in life and maybe this isn’t for everybody, but I firmly believe if you go through this process, if you commit first to the 21 days and you do your meditation and you show up every day, you will create a new habit. That’s science based proven fact that 21 days of repeating pattern creates a new habit.

 If you dive in deeper on that fourth week and you do the work and you commit to the deep breathing, the rhythmic breathing and the breath retentions, something will shift and everything in a healing journey is a process.

And all of us are a different stage of our process. It’s not the same for everybody, but I do believe. If you get into that coherent pattern and that space, and you commit to the process, commit to the journey and with loving awareness, you simply use the power of your breath and, and get into that stillness you will create positive change in your life. 

28-Day, Chakra Healing, Virtual Spiritual Retreat

[Video] Your invitation to join this 28-Day Virtual Spiritual Retreat for Personal Healing and Transformation

Each week, depending on the option you choose, you can do a weekly coaching check-in session with me as part of your retreat. Or you can do this as a self study program, taking it at your own time and your own pace either way.

If you stick to this process, if you do the work and you commit and you really go through day by day, you will:

  • create a new meditation habit, after 21 days.
  • transform something will shift in your life.

The power of your breath is so potent that if you commit and you do the work, something will shift. Something will change again.