Gordon Mcgregor, Personal Development And Life Coaching

A Website with Personality for Gordon McGregor

Gordon McGregor, experienced personality coach, event developer, and strategic consultant. As well, Gordon is the founder and president of McGregor Media, a boutique company that specializes in developing and delivering wellness programming and spiritual events.

Case Study: Gordon McGregor

Branding and Web Design with Personality for Gordon McGregor's Wellness and Spiritual Growth Company

When you're a personality coach, you need a website that reflects just that, your unique personality. Gordon McGregor came to Jason Holland to brand, design, and build a website to promote his strategic consulting business, live events, and online courses.

The mobile-friendly, responsive WordPress-powered website leverages optimized security and performance to ensure minimal downtime and visitor conversion so that Gordon's personality always shines through.

Gordon Mcgregor

Case Study: Gordon McGregor

Services Rendered for Gordon McGregor

Jason Holland, Sr. Freelance Web Designer provides the following services for Gordon McGregor:

Visual User Interface Design

User Experience (UX/UI Design)

Digital Marketing Consulting/Strategy

Branding and Logo/Identity Design

WordPress Web Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WordPress Security/Performance Optimization

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Web Design

Gordon Mcgregor

Case study Testimonial: Gordon McGregor

❝ I adore and am so grateful for Jason Holland!! His thoughtful, intuitive design inspires me and allows me the peace of mind knowing Jason has my back and brings impeccability to the projects he so artfully creates for my company. And the recognition, praise and feedback for my look and brand are a direct result of the gifts of Jason’s creativity and design! ❞

Gordon Mcgregor, Mcgregor Media


Personality Coach & Strategic Consultant, McGregor Media

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