Sharpspring, Marketing Automation

"Sharpy," a Character Illustration Inspired by the SharpSpring Brand

SharpSpring is a powerful suite of sales and marketing automation tools to boost conversions and deliver results.

Case Study: SharpSpring

Responsive WordPress Web Design, and More!

In addition to providing SharpSpring ongoing, responsive WordPress Website Design and Development of landing pages, stewarding the SharpSpring brand, Jason Holland conceptualized and illustrated a character for the companies 404 error page, affectionally named "Sharpy."

Sharpspring, Marketing Automation

Case Study: SharpSpring

Services Rendered for SharpSpring

Jason Holland, Sr. Freelance Web Designer provides the following ongoing services for SharpSpring:

Visual User Interface Design

User Experience (UX/UI Design)

Visual Brand Stewardship

WordPress Web Development

Character Illustration and Development

Responsive Web Design

Sharpspring, Marketing Automation

Case study Testimonial: SharpSpring

❝ Jason is an incredibly rare combination of talents — an artist, designer, developer, and digital marketer and more — all in one. Plus, he’s an absolute joy to work with!

I’m so happy Jason was recommended to us. He has added immense value to our organization over the years. He takes a holistic view of every project, where it fits in with your company’s goals, and how your audience will experience it. ❞

Teresa Gordon, Sharpspring

Teresa Gordon

Director of Design and Brand, SHARPSPRING

Heart-Centered Creator

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