The Kkis Project (Keep Kids In School), Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Rescue and Overhaul Crippled Website for Thriving Non-Profit, The KKIS Project

The KKIS Project (Keep Kids in School) aims to dramatically expand the number of high school and university graduates in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Case Study: The KKIS Project (KEEPING KIDS IN SCHOOL), Playa del Carmen, Mexico

A Modern Website Refresh for The KKIS Project

What started as a "Jason, help! Can you fix our broken website?", turned into a complete overhaul of The KKIS Project's non-profit website.  Rethinking the user experience and the site's brand strategy from the ground up, Jason Holland redesigned and rebuilt a modern and mobile-friendly, responsive WordPress website.  The new website focuses highly on conversion and call to action, driving traffic for the non-profit's fundraising efforts.  

The Kkis Project

Case Study: The KKIS Project (KEEPING KIDS IN SCHOOL), Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Services Rendered for The KKIS Project

Jason Holland, Sr. Freelance Web Designer provides the following ongoing services to The KKIS Project:

Visual User Interface Design

User Experience (UX/UI Design)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Visual Brand Stewardship

WordPress Web Development

Website Hosting Technical Support

Digital Marketing Strategy and Training

Responsive Website Design

The Kkis Project

Case study Testimonial: The KKIS Project

❝ I was introduced to Jason Holland at the height of my frustration with a 10-year-old website I’d inherited that had been hacked by a robot and abandoned by its previous caretaker. Trust was a big concern of mine. I needed a talented professional, someone who would follow through and stick with us for – well forever.

What Jason did for our website was miraculous! It was the most elegant of facelifts together with added features like a privacy page that we of course needed but didn’t have, pop ups to gather email addresses and deposit them safely into our mailchimp account, and so much more.

He organized a tutorial on how to manage the site for my team and recorded it so that we’d have it as a reference tool.

What I appreciate most about Jason, beyond the fact that he is extraordinarily talented in every aspect of web design – aesthetics, methods, strategies and all things SEO – is that he is a delight to work with. He listens, is kind, attentive and thoughtful. He knows the value of his work and is fair with his pricing. I like that.

I could go on for hours, but suffice to say, if you have the opportunity to work with Jason, you won’t regret it. HE IS GOOD! ❞

Kelly Caldwell, Board Member, The Kkis Project (Keep Kids In School), Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Kelly Caldwell

Board Member, The KKIS Project

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