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At Heart-Centered Creator, Jason Samadhi shares inspiration from his experience living as a mindful expat in México to help you create a life you love.

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Inspiration to Help Create a Life You Love

The Heart-Centered Creator Blog by Jason Samadhi shares experience wisdom as an expat living in México to help you create a life you love. Read the Blog »

Who is Jason Samadhi?

A little more about me...

Hi, I'm Jason Samadhi. The founder of Samadhi Breath, and Samadhi Tribe, and Heart-Centered Creator—I am a certified SOMA Breath® breathwork instructor, designer, artist, mindful expat living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I believe you are your own medicine and you create your reality. So, create a life you love!
  • I share from my experience and healing journey as a gay expat living in México.
  • I enjoy mindful travel with golden retirever, Mila.
  • I love immersing myself in the local culture and the language of a place.
  • While not 100% fluent, I do speak Spanish. “Poco a poco. Día a día.”