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21-Day Meditation Course for Creativity

In this guided meditation course for creativity, learn ancient healing techniques for letting go of past relationships, expanding your creativity, and setting your intention to realize your full potential to create a life you love.

21-Day Meditation Course for Creativity

What Will You Learn During the 21-Day Meditation Course for Creativity?

In this guided meditation course you'll learn ancient wisdom teachings for healing your seven chakras to expand your creativity.

Week 1

Letting Go of Past Relationships

During the first week, you’ll focus your attention on acceptance, forgiveness, and letting go of past relationships as a key to finding balance in the present moment.

Featuring inspirational quotes by Rumi, the first week’s meditations will help you move from the darkness of attachments that no longer serve you to the light of the present moment to begin expanding your creativity. 

Embracing all your feelings (both good and bad), when it’s time to let go, be gentle with yourself; healing takes time.

Through these guided meditations, you’ll learn to silently give power to your inner voice, remove obstacles to your growth with acceptance and grace, and begin opening up the flow of your creativity.

Week 2

Expand Your Creativity

Inspired by the Nine Rules for Being Human*, you’ll learn more about your seven chakras (the seven energy healing centers of your body) to continue expanding your creativity.

You’ll begin by getting ground in your body, your one true home. Then, focus on releasing the false fears and limiting beliefs that are preventing personal transformation.

Learning lessons from the school of life, find gratitude in the guidance of others and start speaking your truth from a place of lovingkindness.

Finally, using yourself as an analogy to fire, you’ll begin to ignite the spark of your creativity within, take inspired action, and commit yourself to the creative process.

Week 3

The Energy of Intention

In the third week, you’ll begin to harness the power of your intentions.  The key to creating your desires in life is to focus on what you want, give it everything you’ve got, and go for it.

Your intention is the creative power that fulfills your needs. Set an intention, commit to yourself the idea that you already have what it is you want.

With focused thought, clarity of mind, and discipline to mindfulness, meditation, and heightened awareness—use your unique talents and creative expression to serve and bring infinite bliss to yourself and others.

21-Day Meditation Course for Creativity

Healing Your Seven Chakras for Creative Living

As well, during this 21-day guided meditation course, you'll focus on your seven chakra (or the seven energy centers of your body) to help let go of the past, expand your creativity, and set your intentions to realize your full potential.

Crown Chakra (Vishuda)

You’re the Answer You Seek

Your crown chakra is the conduit to Source energy and conscious awareness. The highest frequency of the Universe is pure love. You are beautiful, great, co-creator, full of joy and infinite potential. Rumi once said, “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”

third Eye Chakra (ajna)

Karma & Self-Sacrifice

The third eye chakra is often called the dwelling place of meditative faculty. Part of this state of consciousness, third eye awakening is being able to discern what is beneficial and helpful to humanity and other beings and what is harmful – to whom, when, and in what specific way.

Throat Chakra (Sahasrara)

Speaking Your Truth

The throat chakra is about your ability to speak with focus and intention. Express yourself with clarity of thought. Trust in the coherence of your heart and mind and confidently give voice to the silent whispers of your heart and presence to your joy with deliberate intention.

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Love & Compassion

The heart chakra is your energetic center for love and compassion. Think of someone you love; imagine placing them in your heart with loving awareness to awaken your gratitude. Your heart is a powerful source for healing your mind, body, and soul.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

Will Power & Forgiveness

The solar plexus is your internal fire that fuels your willpower and purpose. Now is the time to forgive, accept and let go of the obstacles from your past. Driven by your power and awareness, reaffirm you're to moving forward with clarity of thought.

Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)

Shadows & Obstacles

The sacral chakra represents your emotions, desires, sensuality. This stage of the process it’s time to face your fears, limiting beliefs, and any other obstacles holding your back from realizing your full potential with freedom of movement and confidence.

Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Grounding & Intention

Your root chakra is the energy source to create a stable foundation. Regardless of where you are in the world, your body is truly your home. It is here we’ll begin the process of healing by setting your intentions with courage and confidence.

Heart-Centered Creator

Who is Jason Holland?

Sr. Freelance Web Designer, Artist, Blogger, and Breathwork Facilitator

Hi, I am Jason Holland. I help conscious entrepreneurs and businesses empower themselves to thrive online, show up authentically, and live a life they love—all while selling their businesses with heart and soul.

In this guided, 21-Day Meditation Course for Creativity, I'll teach you ancient healing techniques, including nine essential lessons for being human from ancient Sanskrit texts. As well, each week, we'll cover the seven chakras (the healing centers of your body).

I currently reside in Playa del Carmen. While living in Mexico, I have experienced several ancestral medicines. Finally, I realized that the breath brought me to the most potent medicine always available within. Feeling called to share this treasure with the world, I became a certified "SOMA Breath" breathwork instructor.

My intention with this project is to shine my light and guide you while finding your way. Helping like-minded conscious creators—just like you—expand their creativity, awaken to higher states of consciousness, and realize their full potential with heart-centered, loving awareness.

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